Open Source

  Spinnaker - Multi-cloud continuous delivery platform. Contributor to the Amazon ECS plugin inside Spinnaker. Previously co-lead for the Spinnaker AWS SIG.
  AWS for GitHub Actions - Published four GitHub Actions that form a workflow for continuously deploying to Amazon ECS.
  img2lambda - Tool for repackaging Docker images into AWS Lambda layers.
  oam-ecs - Tool for deploying Open Application Model configuration to Amazon ECS.
  AWS Cloud Development Kit (CDK) - Framework for defining cloud infrastructure in programming languages such as Typescript. Contributor to ECS modules inside the CDK.

Demos & Sample Code

  AWS re:Invent Trivia Game (Live Demo) - Multi-tier application for answering re:Invent trivia questions, with static site, backend API service, and Slack chat bot.
  clare-bot - GitHub pull request bot that provisions continuous integration preview environments.
  Simple Calculator Service - Calculator application to demonstrate continuous integration and continuous delivery.
  Continuous Integration Rick - Reports a Rick-and-Morty-themed build status to a GitHub pull request.
  Grace Hopper Jeopardy - Jeopardy-style game with Grace Hopper-related trivia questions.
  /gimmefoodtrucks - Slack command that returns that current day's local food trucks in Seattle.
  /gimmepizza - Slack command that orders a pizza from Domino's.